What a funny emotion love and pain are,

They never give you warning,

Never time to prepare,

And they don’t ask to be felt,

It’s demanded.


We all get addicted to something that takes the pain away.

Some people find it in objects, people, places or memories.

Something or someone that just causes you to kind of forget for a short while.

Some people become alcoholics to keep their problems just a faint hum in the back of their minds.

And some people fall in love with the way the tide refuses to stop kissing the shore no matter how many times its sent away.

But I,

I found my own personal heroin when my gaze met your brown eyes

I was hooked, I felt nothing and everything in this rush of pure bliss.

Your eyes could make the stars swoon, Love.

“No matter how your day is going, you are growing. Repeat to yourself, ‘I am growing. I am learning. I am being. I am. That is enough.’”

“I lost you. You were the only love worth fighting for, and now it’s all gone. There’s this burning buzz beneath my skin, a symbol of the unknown – it’s burning me. The unknown, the kind that you can’t solve with anything but time, it’s burning me because I don’t know if there’s a chance we’ll be good again. I don’t know if you’ll forget me or if I’ll still spin around in circles ‘round your head. I don’t know if our fate has been sealed or not; if this is it or if there’s more to our story yet to come. Not knowing what’s in store for us, if there even is anything in store for us, is destroying me; I don’t know whether to hold on or not.”